New Trend: Everything You Need to Know about Couple Rings

25 February 2022

Couple rings can symbolise many different sentiments according to who wears them. In general, these stunning rings are worn by couples to represent their devotion to one another. These rings also signify the equality of both people engaged in a loving relationship. Even if you and your partner have no plans to be married, wearing couple rings can symbolise your commitment to each other.

If you and your significant other are ready to move your relationship to the next level, selecting couple rings may be the ideal option for you. When both of you are part of the ring-selecting process, it can strengthen your bond, bringing you closer together. It can make the two of you feel more like a team, with one team member’s likes, dislikes and choices complementing those of the other member.

Whether you shop for your matching rings in local jewellery stores or at online marketplaces, this experience will secure your bond as a couple. You may also decide on a pair of customised rings created by your favourite jewellery designer. Couple rings are a contemporary concept and growing trend. You may want to select your rings to celebrate a specific event or important date in your relationship.

More Facts and Features Concerning Couple Ring Designs

Additional major facts and features concerning current designs in stunning and popular couple rings include the following:

• Couple Rings vs. Engagement Rings. Couple rings are different from engagement rings. Yet they also honour, signify and celebrate an important stage in a relationship just as engagement rings do. Couple rings symbolise a couple’s attainment of a higher level in their relationship before they are ready to announce their engagement to be married.

As a step along the path toward getting engaged, choosing couple rings enables partners in a relationship to celebrate an event, occurrence or stronger bond, even early in their commitment to one another.

• How to Wear Couple Rings. Engagement and wedding rings are generally worn on the ring (third) finger of your left or right hand, depending on your country and region of residence. You can choose which finger you wish to wear your couple ring on.

Since there is no set custom about this, you can decide how to wear your stunning couple ring so that you can display it proudly. At the same time, you can continue to wear your other favourite rings as well if you like.

• Selecting the Ideal Couple Rings.
Couple rings are all about self-expression. Your choice of ring designs should complement and reflect the personalities and preferences of you and your partner. Unlike engagement and wedding rings, unique design is more important in couple rings than the size or number of diamonds involved.

There are many stunning couple ring styles on the market today, and many jewellers also offer state-of-the-art custom designs. Some ring styles may display wide bands with elegantly engraved names, giving them both masculine and feminine qualities.

Available in gold, platinum or silver, some couple ring designs are narrow, smooth and simplistic in design. Others exhibit glossy finishes and elaborately engraved arc patterns for a more artistic effect.

By consulting our experts at Ken Ross Jewellers located in Ashburton, Victoria, you can learn all that you need to know about couple rings. Our experienced professionals will guide you and your partner in selecting the ideal ring design to completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.

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