Jewellery Design Trends in Australia for 2023

28 March 2023

Jewellery is more than just decorations. People have worn jewellery for millennia to express feelings, express gratitude, or represent the nature or cultural environment in which they live. Because of this, many of Australia’s most popular jewellery designs pay homage to the stunning nation we call home. Australia’s beauty and natural environment are celebrated in pieces inspired by our surroundings. As we move through 2023, some jewellery designs are just “having a moment” in Australia and are perfect for refreshing your jewellery collection.

The following jewellery designs below are popular right now, and for a good reason, whether it be because of the material, general style, or particular design that connects to the beautiful warmth of Australia.

Etched Jewellery

Metal jewellery featuring patterns, motifs, images, or symbols etched or stamped on it is a popular in Australian jewellery. This adoration of Australian-inspired motifs predates the modern era. Experts in antique jewellery can frequently determine if a piece is Australian-made based on the fauna and flora motifs etched onto the jewellery. You can find this style in every piece of jewellery, including earrings, bangles, arm cuffs, and pendant necklaces. The signet ring is a common piece of jewellery that uses this design fad. Signet rings, originally designed to mark and seal documents, have evolved into canvases for distinctive motifs and lovely patterns.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are regarded as timeless because they have been incorporated into jewellery for ages. Every jewellery lover’s collection will always include some pearl pieces. Pearls will always serve as a symbol of Australia’s deep love of water, both saltwater and freshwater. Throughout much of the 20th century, pearl jewellery in this style was popular. These pieces frequently feature perfectly spherical pearls with little to no colour variation. But lately, Australian jewellers have used pearls in more organic designs and intriguing colours. Organically formed pearls offer a novel twist on the classic pearl necklace, which celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel made popular. Natural pearls’ distinctive, feminine shapes are graceful and fun. They have advanced the ageless tradition of pearl jewellery into the twenty-first century.

Amulet Jewellery

Ancient Egypt was the first culture to wear amulet jewellery. The Egyptians thought the symbols held hidden meanings, promising the wearer luck and safety. Modern amulet jewellery frequently references these origins and is designed with deliberate symbolism for the user. Larger amulet-style jewellery is sometimes worn alone by Australian jewellery aficionados as a statement piece because the pieces are frequently eye-catching and bold in design. However, modern and smaller amulet designs are simple to include in a layered or stacked jewellery aesthetic because of their more understated character.

Locket Necklaces

The locket necklace is another piece of jewellery that is soaked with history. These enable you to keep your loved ones near to your heart and are a constant reminder of them. A printed photo of your loved one, a passage from a love letter, or a modest relic that brings back fond memories can all be placed inside a locket pendant. Locket necklaces were made for people with enormous hearts and will only become obsolete when love itself does.

Each of these jewellery designs has the potential to capture your attention and will undoubtedly do so. An excellent approach to appreciating the good things in your life is to get jewellery that symbolises your love for your family or home.

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