Investing in Fine Jewelry

18 July 2014

Some women feel like investing in fine jewelry is one of the best investments available to them today. You can squander money on designer jeans and other perishables, or you can make a real investment in something that will last throughout the generations; something that can be passed on and become an heirloom. Fine jewelry is like money in the bank, and that doesn’t even take into consideration all of the precious memories or the beauty behind every stone.
Investing in fine jewelry is a commitment. This is not like the relationship that you have with the costume jewelry that you grab at your local department store because it will look amazing with that new shirt you just picked up. Fine jewelry and fashion jewelry are two different things altogether, and there is absolutely no comparison between the two.

When you invest in fine jewelry it is just that, an investment. Naturally you are going to want to maintain that investment. Over time with the markets fluctuation and with age the piece may change in value. It is not uncommon for the value to fluctuate, so do not be discouraged if it decreases its value from time to time. It takes nothing from the piece, and one thing is for certain, the value always goes up again when it comes to precious metals and stones.

Many of us cherish those treasured memories of our mother’s pearls, and the stories behind those pieces tucked safely away in her jewelry box. Some of us can even remember the day when that heirloom piece was handed down to us.

When it comes to actually making an investment you have to consider quality. You want something that will stand up to father time and remain glorious throughout the years. This means investing in a hardy piece made with quality craftsmanship. You know when you invest in that piece of jewelry it will surpass its worth over time, and it is a piece that will remain personally treasured as well.

Make sure that after investing in your jewelry that you have them appraised and maintenance annually. It is generally a good idea to have your precious gems and metals insured as well. While they are priceless to you, it is important that your investments are protected in case the unthinkable does come to pass.

Now, if you are purchasing a piece to wear daily less is more. Make the transition from fashion jewelry to fine jewelry and you’ll never waste another penny on your exquisite pieces of jewelry again. Plus, the generations after you will have treasures sent down the line allowing a small piece of you to live on.

Don not hesitate another minute to start looking for the perfect piece to add to or kick off your fine jewelry collection. One thing to consider is having your pieces custom made. After all, your investments should speak to you or portray your style or personality in some way. If you have any questions about investing in fine jewelry then please contact Ken Ross Jewelers today.

Ken Ross Jewellers

Established in 1954, Ken Ross Jewellers is renowned for producing and maintaining fine jewelry and watches. And over the decades, many awards have been won. Ken Ross Jewellers specializes in supplying fine jewelry like diamonds and semi-precious stones, plus repairs for rings, wedding bands and watches. For a valuation of a diamond you have, repairs on a wedding ring or new precious diamond jewelry, contact:

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