Interior Design Ideas Using Wall Clocks

22 June 2015

Decorating with quality clocks has really made a big comeback in the interior design and style world. They are so trendy that the selections are vast and near overwhelming. Not only are modern clocks in style but the vintage look and old time clocks are a big ordeal for adding panache to your décor.
Some of the more popular clocks are wall clocks, mantle clocks and grandfather clocks. In fact, the more vintage the clock looks, the more in Vogue the design. And with modern technology, modern functional clocks are now made to resemble retro antiques.


One of the most popular styles today is to blend the old with the new or to create an entire stunning retro look. And right up there with current trends, are wall clock designs that have a vintage look. A vintage style wall clock can be strategically placed in numerous ways. For instance, wall clocks can beatify your décor:

Set in a Rustic Dining Room: A vintage looking clock pairs nicely with a rustic dining room set.

It Makes a Grand Statement: A wall clock makes the perfect presentation above the fireplace.

Kitchen Time: A kitchen should never be without a wall clock. It helps tell time when cooking and adds a charming touch to the room.

Above the Headboard: A vintage clock above the headboard of your bed enhances a bedrooms rustic or modern appeal. Both the vintage and old with the new are trendy.


Mantle clocks are the ideal centerpiece above the fireplace. Not only do they add nostalgia but they have authentic presence. In truth, a mantle clock will enhance and transform a simple fireplace mantle into a work of art.

The most popular mantle clocks are the more traditional wooden types that have Roman numerals. This type of mantle clock will add class and a whole lot of elegance to your décor. In addition, the classic mantle clock never goes out of style.


You can easily accent your home with a classic grandfather clock. It sets a style, mood and a certain touch of elegance. As well, a grandfather clock can be utilized in several ways to accentuate a space.

Majestic Stairway: Grandfather clocks are the perfect solution for the landing of a stairway. They add a grand presence and a striking ambiance of days gone past.

Perfect Entryway: A grandfather clock makes the ideal entryway. Its majestic presence is a fabulous way to greet guests and welcome you home.

An Elegant Foyer: If you have a high ceilinged foyer then you must have a grandfather clock. Foyers and grandfather clocks make the perfect pair. They accent the ceiling and create balance.


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