Incorporate Significant Personal Details to Your Customized Engagement Ring

26 March 2020

The act of offering an engagement ring symbolises your commitment to your significant other until the end of time. And since engagement activities are normally done once, you must see to it that your engagement ring embodies the characteristics and qualities of your relationship and will stay true throughout your married life.  

Numerous jewellery stores offer a wide range of lovely options for engagement rings. From classic to modern ones, you may actually find it difficult to pick the perfect ring for your partner. If you have a design preference that you cannot find anywhere, then you might want to have your engagement ring customized. After all, a customized engagement ring can feel more personal and closer to your partner’s heart. 

Filling in Past Memories

There are some things that we tend to receive things from our family members or people who may have impacted our lives. These things may be in a form of diamonds, wristwatch, one-of-a-kind memorabilia, and other similar items. When you design your engagement ring, you might want to incorporate this type of memorable things and have an experienced jeweller repurpose it for your ring. This way, you can ensure that a piece of you and your partner’s memorable past is integrated straight on the ring.

Showcasing Personal Style

An engagement ring can also reflect you and your partner’s style and way of life. If your partner is active, say in sports, you may have to design a ring that won’t get in his or her way. Alternatively, a ring can also be designed according to your partner’s fashion preference. If your partner wants to be trendy for a long time, then emerald cuts and round cut diamonds might be the best for the ring. After all, you have the power to specify the cut of the diamonds, the size of the stone, and the overall style of the ring.

Engraving Special Messages

Another way of customizing your engagement ring is to engrave some special messages on it. You can write the date of the wedding, your initials, or other special messages or codes that may be significant for both of you. Symbols, texts, or designs can also be engraved on the ring to make it unique and special.

Creating Mutual Choices

A customized engagement ring will only work out if you and your partner would mutually agree on its overall details and design choices. You don’t want to offer a ring that lacks the style and character your partner would like in it. You don’t also want to wear a ring that is not suitable for your lifestyle or does not even match your partner’s ring design. So, it would be important for you to talk and decide with your partner about all the elements that you both want to include in the ring.

Incorporating and integrating personal details to your customized engagement ring can help you showcase true commitment to your partner. Moreover, your partner will truly appreciate this type of ring as it feels closer to home. If you want to have your engagement ring customized, visit us now at Ken Ross Jewellers. 

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