How to Determine Diamond Authenticity

10 September 2020

One of the most frequently used gemstones for pieces of jewellery is diamond. This specific gemstone is known for its mesmerising reaction with light, making it popular among people who would want a piece of pristine high-quality jewellery. Diamond is also known for its durability, bright lustre, and high dispersion.

An element that mostly establishes the pricing of a diamond is the carat. Small diamonds would typically cost less per carat compared to larger ones even if they share similar qualities like colour, clarity, and cut. While most jewellery shops come out with reasonable pricing for their offerings, others would try to manipulate the value of their offerings. However, the worst thing that may happen to customers is when they buy fake pieces of diamonds in exchange for a high monetary value.

Fortunately, you can try some of the following ways in determining the authenticity of a diamond.

Water Test

Determining diamond authenticity can be done easily with a glass filled with water. Just look for a normal-sized drinking glass and fill it up with ¾ clear water. Once the water is ready, you must now drop the diamond into the glass. If the gemstone sinks, then your diamond is authentic. Remember, diamond has a high density that allows it to sink when dropped into water. Alternatively, if your gemstone floats on top or even in the middle of the glass, then it is fake.

Fog Test

Another easy method of finding out the authenticity of your diamond is through a fog test. You must place the diamond in front of your mouth and breath on it with a puff of air. A fog will surely form on the diamond due to the presence of moisture and heat from your breath. If the fog goes away right away, then your gemstone is real. Diamonds are known for their ability to conduct heat effectively, which allows the quick dispersion of heat from your breath. A fake diamond will not be able to disperse the fog immediately.

Durability Check

Diamond is a type of gemstone that is very strong and durable. The possibility of it shattering right away is close to none. So, to test if your gemstone is truly diamond, you must conduct a shattering test. Again, get a drinking glass and fill it with cold water. This time, however, you must hold the stone with a set of plyers or fireproof gloves and heat it with a lighter or any heat source for around 40 seconds. After the said time, you must drop the stone right away to the cold water. An authentic diamond will not show any changes when dropped into the water. A fake diamond, however, will shatter right away.

Refractivity Check

Testing the refractivity of a diamond, especially if it is still loose, can be easily done through a newspaper or any paper that is full of text. You must place your gemstone on top of an area that is full of lettering. Then, you must cast a bright light toward the diamond and try to read the letters of the newspaper through the gemstone. If you can see or read the letters, then your diamond is fake. A real diamond will refract the light in different directions, making it impossible for you to read through anything. All these tests are only a few of the methods available that can determine the authenticity of a diamond. You can also look for a reputable jewellery store that can help you identify and determine its authenticity in just a short time.

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