Five Ways to Save Money When Buying an Engagement Ring

10 January 2020

Every couple has their respective way of living. Some might be well-off and can afford expensive engagement rings. Others, however, might want to save a little bit for other expenses. There is no problem with saving money. After all, it is the thought that certainly matters. Providing a symbol to your significant other is more than enough to express your love and commitment.

And if you are really into elegant engagement rings, then there might be some ways for you to save some money.

Identify the 4 C’s

An engagement ring has a lot of parts that you must take note of. The centre stone and side stones are pretty identifiable right away. These stones are wrapped around a portion of the shank through the help of the prongs in between. Encircling the centre stone is the halo, while the part that holds this stone to the ring is called the head.

Identifying the parts of the ring can be helpful for you to determine the 4 C’s. First of the 4 C’s is the cut. Cut can affect the engagement ring price depending on the way the stone is shaped. Some examples of a cut are princess cut, cushion cut, and many more. Princess cut is the cheapest among all of them. If you can still afford, go for a round or brilliant cut.

Next is the colour. Go for colours “G” through “I” as they are cheaper compared to the more expensive but common colour “D”. Clarity, as a part of 4 C’s, is also important in choosing your engagement ring. A dull-looking ring may turn off your partner. Check the stone thoroughly to avoid any inconvenience if matters will be raised later on.

Lastly, you must determine the correct carat of your precious stone. Carat is the weight and size of your stone that is proportionate to the overall price of your ring. For instance, choosing a 0.95 carat stone can still yield the same elegance when compared to a 1 or 2 carat stone.

Maximise the Halo

The centre stone of an engagement ring makes a huge difference in its pricing. One part of the ring that can, however, provide a hack an illusion of grandness, is the halo. Picking a ring with a huge centre stone is quite similar to a ring with a cluster of smaller stones encircling the centre stone. This way, you have more room to modify the ring without shelling out a lot of money.

Study Metal Properties 

The metallic part of the ring holds all the components of a ring together. This part, or the wedding band, serves as permanence to live a life with your partner. When picking for the wedding band, you have the option to choose between platinum, sterling silver, and gold. If you want to know more about these metals, then study their unique properties, appearance, texture, and hue.

Choose the Best Colour

There is no exact provision on what a certain element or thing represents. This principle stays true with your engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings might be the classic among all the rings, but not everyone is pleased with their appearance. Some stones, which may cost almost one-half of the diamonds, have unique compositions and colours that might be even elegant for a lot of people. With the right band, your stone can appear stunning in the eyes of many people.

Find Alternatives

And if you want to save a lot of money, you can use cubic zirconia instead of using diamonds. Rings with cubic zirconia can look like diamond rings since they share the same appearance and even the quality and lustre. You can also look for other alternatives of stones and metals that share characteristics and appearances with high-end expensive materials.

Shopping for an engagement ring may be exciting since you are ready for a whole new chapter with your partner. If you want a lot of options for your engagement ring, then contact us now at Ken Ross Jewellers.

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