Finding the Perfect Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat for the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring – (4C’s of a Perfect Diamond)

28 April 2017

If purchasing the perfect diamond engagement ring seems like a difficult, daunting task to you, do not be discouraged. You are certainly not alone. Many people experience mixed feelings of excitement, elation, anxiety and even fear at the prospect of deciding on and buying the ideal sparkling ring of ultimate beauty to announce and celebrate an engagement to be married. Even knowing that your fiancée already adores you and will love whatever your final choice of rings may be will not necessarily alleviate your state of high anxiety when contemplating your soon-to-be-made precious jewelry purchase.


Professional diamond cutters, appraisers, jewelry designers and dealers will all advise you to first master the four accepted C’s of fine quality diamond evaluation and selection before setting out on your crusade in search of the perfect engagement ring. These four respected and authoritative C’s are as follows:

  • Cut. – Of all the Four C’s to consider for ideal selection of a breathtaking diamond of delicate form and brilliance, a stone’s cut is the most important feature since the cut determines the stone’s degree of sparkle. Diamonds with highest quality cuts will have the purest and brightest sparkle and shine. You should always make the finest cut diamond priced within your spendable budget your first choice. A diamond that is cut with the best possible proportions returns light from the top (or table) of the stone. If, however, it has too shallow a cut, light escapes from the stone’s bottom portion, and when a diamond is cut too deep, light dissipates, escaping from the sides of the stone. Always pay close attention to the quality and extent of the cut.
  • Colour. – The colour grade of a diamond measures the lack of its colour. The finest quality and grade of diamonds are the most lacking in colour. Since the human eye sees a diamond’s spark of brilliance first and its colour second, colour ranks as the second feature of importance when choosing a diamond. A diamond that has colour will appear pale yellow, but many gradations of hues in diamonds cannot be detected by the naked eye. You should select a diamond that is close to colourless and that is within your price range.
  • Clarity. – Diamonds that have few flaws or imperfections or none at all claim the top grades for clarity. As the third feature of importance in diamond selection, clarity describes a stone’s flaws, also called inclusions, without detracting from the sparkling stone’s inherent beauty. You should focus on the fact that a diamond’s inclusions are extremely small and do not detract from the overall beauty and luster of the stone.
  • Carat. – A carat is a unit of measurement of each diamond’s weight rather than its size. The cut of a diamond affects how large or small the stone will appear to the human eye. Diamonds with small carat weight can look considerably larger when they exhibit high cut grades. For this reason, you can purchase a diamond that has slightly less than your preference of carat weights but has the ideal cut grade to enhance its appearance size.

After you master the Four C’s of diamond selection, the diamond experts at Ken Ross Jewellers located in Ashburton, Victoria, will guide you in making your choice of diamond shapes from the elegant examples of princess, round, radiant and other forms. They will also help you decide on the ideal ring setting. You will then be well prepared to make your final purchasing choice of a stunning diamond engagement ring with exquisite luster and beauty that your future spouse will hold forever dear.

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