Everything You Should Know About Watch Jewels

27 April 2022

In an age where almost all people are using smartwatches, it is good to know that automatic mechanical watches do not lose their appeal and are still on the trend. If you happen to own one of these automatic mechanical watches, have you ever wondered how your mechanical timepiece functions and what makes it function? Watch jewels are found within your timepiece’s movement. Hence, watch jewels are essential parts of a mechanical watch. If you want to have an in-depth understanding of watch jewels, here is everything you should know about watch jewels.

Watch Jewels Are Indispensable for Mechanical Movements

Watch jewels help the movement in your mechanical timepiece rotate, move and the hands’ sweep.Therefore, you should know that watch jewels are indispensable for mechanical movements. Watch jewels improve the accuracy of the timepiece and make it work and function smoothly with minimal movements.

Watch Jewels Reduce Friction in the Watch Movement

Another thing that you should know is that watch jewels are designed to avoid friction and aids in preventing it from getting in the way of energy production. The smoothness of jewel bearings makes the gears of your mechanical timepiece turn smoothly.Bearings in mechanical watches are made from jewels which reduces friction in the watch movement.

Synthetic or Non-Synthetic Jewel Provides the Same Function

You should also know that synthetic and non-synthetic jewels provide the same function. In the old times, watchmakers used precious stones like ruby and garnet for the historical watch jewels. With a few innovations, however, manufacturers have adopted the use of synthetic stones as a cost-efficient alternative. But these synthetic jewels act as bearings all the same and function just the same as the real precious stones in the old times.

Watch Jewels Use a Few Types of Jewels

One other thing that you should know about watch jewels is that they are not one-type-fits-all. Jewels bearings have four various types that are present in the modern-day movement. These types include hole jewels that are doughnut-shaped. And the cap jewels which have no holes in them. The pallet jewels are shaped like a rectangle. Lastly, the roller jewels are D-shaped.All these jewels serve actual functions.

Modern Watch Jewels Are Not Worth Anything

Modern watch jewels nowadays do not have much value as those in the old days. Watch jewels in recent times are the lab-created counterpart of the real precious stones used in the past. They are not as valuable as the real gems in the past.

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