Engagement Ring Trends for 2016: What’s in and What’s New in Style?

29 January 2016

If you are in search of an engagement ring for your beloved, you need to stay with us to learn about exciting engagement ring trends for 2016 that will be popular throughout the year. Coloured gemstones, rose gold, highly detailed profiles, vintage-style selections and more will be in the forefront this year for this type of jewellery. We provide you some in-depth information below about these 2016 trends for engagement rings.


Diamonds are no longer the only acceptable stone for an engagement ring. Sapphires, emeralds, pearls, opals and other gemstones will be the preference of many women for the centre stones for their engagement rings in 2016. Diamonds may or may not surround these colourful gemstones.


Rose gold is a gold that instead of a white or yellow tone has a slightly pinkish tone to it. It provides a special ambiance to any piece of jewellery, especially engagement rings. The rosy tone of this metal is just as neutral as the traditional yellow and white golds are, and this means that it will enhance all colours of gemstones along with diamonds.


In 2016, the profiles of engagement rings will be highly detailed to make a dramatic style statement. They will help catch a beholder’s eye and attention. The profiles will include intricate detailing, and diamond accents such as beading or swirl patterns.


Antique rings of bygone days will influence the engagement ring trends for 2016. While some will prefer a true antique for their engagement rings, others will prefer a new ring that is reminiscent of past eras in time. Vintage-style rings such as these include old-time details on the bands and traditional cuts of the stones in place of the modern details that you see in today’s non-vintage rings.


The year 2016 also will see an increased popularity in stackable bands instead of a single engagement ring. The stackable bands will accompany the main engagement ring with the gemstone of choice as the focal point, but the bands will have intricate detailing and possibly small diamond or gemstone enhancements.


Both plain and decorative bands will come with split shanks on certain designs of engagement rings in 2016. A split-shank band has an opening in between the two sides, and this opening provides an airy appearance to an engagement ring.

If none of these engagement ring trends for 2016 suits your taste, others also are available at present or will be during the year. Enjoy searching for the ideal ring for your beloved.

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