Choosing The Perfect Wedding Bands with Ken Ross Jewellers

08 November 2022

Though you certainly spent a lot of time and effort choosing the ideal engagement ring, have you ever thought about the style of wedding band you’ll need to purchase to go with it? The ideal wedding band can enhance or detract from your engagement ring, so choosing one is always important. Finding the ideal match will be much simpler for you once you are aware of what to search for and have some thoughts in mind.

Below are some of the factors that we at Ken Ross Jewellers think you should consider when choosing the perfect wedding bands:

It Should Complement Your Engagement Ring

A wedding band that matches the engagement ring is the one thing that many brides desire above all else. The costliest piece of jewellery you will ever possess is likely to be your engagement ring, so choosing a wedding band that doesn’t overshadow it and instead highlights and improves its greatest qualities is frequently the top concern. A plain band without any precious stones can ensure that the focus is kept on your stunning engagement ring if it is bordered with diamonds.

Consider Buying Bridal Sets

Why not purchase a bridal set if you want to start with the ideal pair? You can save yourself the time, hassle, and stress of later having to purchase a wedding band by buying a bridal set that contains both an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Bridal sets come in a wide range of designs, materials, and diamond shapes to suit every taste. At Ken Ross Jewellers, we can even create a bridal set specifically for you based on your preferences.

Ensure That the Ring Metal Is the Same

Make sure the rings’ metals are the same for the wedding band to match your engagement ring flawlessly. We don’t just refer to white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold when we talk about ring metal. Make sure your band has the same number of carats as well. If they aren’t identical, the band’s colour and appearance will differ slightly. An 18-carat white gold ring, for instance, will have a somewhat darker tone of silver than a 9-carat gold band. Additionally, a 9-carat gold ring will age and tarnish more quickly.

Diamonds or No Diamonds?

The answer to this question primarily depends on your preferences. Wedding bands were traditionally plain metal rings without any jewels, diamonds, or other adornments. However, more couples now opt to highlight the glitter of the engagement ring by adding a half or full band of diamonds to their wedding bands. If you genuinely adore the shimmering brilliance of diamonds, nothing should stop you from wearing another wedding band that is decked out in bling, even if your engagement ring is already overflowing with stunning diamonds. To achieve a uniform appearance, just make sure the diamonds are of like size, shape, and quality.

Customised Wedding Bands

Wedding rings can be custom crafted to match the design and appearance of your engagement ring. The most common type of fitted wedding ring that is frequently designed specifically for brides is a contour wedding band. This handmade band will precisely match the shape of your engagement ring, giving the impression that it will lock into place next to it.

Custom-made wedding bands can be created at Ken Ross Jewelers to match any distinctive diamond cut. Our jeweller will provide design concepts after inspecting your engagement ring. Once you are satisfied with the design, your custom wedding band will be made for you. Contact us today so we can help you choose the perfect wedding bands.

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