Choose a Trustworthy Jewellery Store for Original Brands, Warranty, Services and More…

22 March 2016

When you seek out fine jewellery for either yourself or a gift for someone else, you should always turn to a trustworthy jewellery store for original brands, warranty coverage, repair services and more. It does not matter whether you wish to purchase quality earrings, rings, diamonds, gemstones, watches or other types of pieces, you can find the ideal jewellery for your purposes at this type of store. Ken Ross Jewellers is one such store that brings to you over 60 years of experience in the jewellery business. For the items that we do not manufacture on our own, we offer only the best original brands to ensure that you receive durable, attractive and stylish pieces.


Our skilled artisans design and manufacture engagement and wedding rings, earrings and more either to stock our displays or by special order. When you do not discover a piece of jewellery that you wish to purchase from our stock, discuss your design ideas with us, and we will make them come to fruition in most cases. We utilise the finest materials in our creative process to deliver jewellery to you that is attractive and durable enough to last throughout the years.


On top of our own jeweller creations, we sell superior-quality watches and clocks from popular brands, such as:

  • Hermle – The company originates in Germany, but has a total of three manufacturing facilities today throughout the world. Hermle designs and manufactures quality, attractive clocks that range from floor to nautical models.
  • Adina ‘Australia’s Premier Watch Brand’ – This Company designs and manufactures its watches in Australia.
  • Lorus – This Company provides watches for both males and females in sporty or dress designs. Their watches help you celebrate the goodness of life.
  • Cover Switzerland – Cover is renowned for its ‘Swiss Made’ timepieces in a variety of styles for men and women.
  • Seiko – This famous company creates such innovative watches as its Astron model that is the first solar GPS watch in the world today. Seiko also offers quality clocks.
  • Michel Herbelin – Each watch by this esteemed company features high-quality Swiss movements and detailed artisanship.

On top of the other benefits we offer, all of our items come with a limited-time warranty. We also offer repair services. With all this, it is simple to understand why we are a trustworthy jewellery store for original brands, warranty offerings, repair services and more.

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