Chamilia Bead Bracelets: New Trend in Jewellery for the Young and Young at Heart

13 April 2016

One of the most popular new trends in jewellery fashion is Chamilia bead bracelets, especially among the young. Actually, the baubles and bangles are appealing to both the young and young at heart. And when it comes to the Chamilia line, there are a wide variety of interchangeable jewellery such as a dream assortment of beaded bracelets, necklaces, charms and earrings.


Chamilia bead bracelets fit a wide variety of lifestyles and occasions. The trendy bracelet can be customized for different personalities such as the sports enthusiast, princess, book worm, scientists or other daily expression.

The Chamilia bracelets can also be customized for different occasions. For instance, the young at heart individual may have a special memory of Paris. The perfect gift would include a bead bracelet that has baubles and bibelots of Paris like the Eiffel Tower, fashions charms and French beads. Another example would be a Chamilia bracelet for a graduation or birthday. The bead bracelet can be customized to fit the event. And for birthday gifts, you can add a charm every year and on other special occasions. Before long, you have a gift that becomes an heirloom handed down through the generations.


No matter what your age, a Chamilia bracelet inspires creativity and self-expression. In truth, many bead bracelets start with the simplest thoughts and embrace the nuance of creativity. The bead bracelet allows an individual to start with something simple that they can add to throughout the years. And in this process, the bracelet will unravel the history of the wearer telling its own story.

What is more, a Chamilia bracelet allows true self-expression. The bead bracelet represents who you are and what inspires you in life.


Chamilia bracelets are definitely one of a kind. Not only is every bead bracelet very unique but it is of highest quality. And at Ken Ross Jewelers, each charm can be exclusively selected to fit the needs of a person or occasion. Moreover, the classy bead bracelets are available in a beautiful range of materials and styles. Select from an array of gold and sterling silver plus a variety of colours.

Ken Ross Jewellers supplies and crafts high quality jewellery including Chamilia bead bracelets plus wedding bands, engagement rings, earrings, chains, pearls, diamonds and semi-precious stones. You can select what is on display or have something artfully crafted to your individual design.

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