Buyers Guide: How to Check the Authenticity of a Luxury Watch

08 September 2022

Want to purchase a watch from a well-known manufacturer? Concerned that the item you’re purchasing might not be entirely genuine? Then you should refer to this guide. A few techniques can be used to tell an authentic watch from a fake. Let’s go into more detail regarding the process of identifying an authentic.

The last thing you want to do is spend several thousand dollars just to find out later that you have bought a fake watch that is completely worthless. Our anger boils at the idea of individuals being taken advantage of and having their hard-earned money go to criminals who support the fake watch industry. Here are our tips for determining if your watch is authentic.

Ask For Certification

A luxurious kind of watch requires more paperwork to purchase than a Casio does. Make sure to request the certificate from the seller. This will not only confirm that your watch is real, but it will also inform the potential buyer if you decide to resell it. Selling a watch without a certificate is still doable, but it can be more difficult.

Consider The Price Tag

The price of a genuine Rolex watch, Breitling, Tag Heuer, or any other premium brand is going to be high. You pay for the skill and quality used in the production of every watch. Rolex makes all of its movements by hand and refines its gold, turning imported 24-karat gold into 18-karat gold. The likelihood that a pre-owned, expensive watch you find is fake increases with its low price. Find out the going rate for this model from other re-sellers by doing some online research.

Check Quality Finishing

Luxury watches are pricey because they are constructed to a high level of quality. Even while fakes are becoming more convincing, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for scam artists to replicate the flawless craftsmanship of something like a Rolex! Consequently, when you look at images of a watch being sold online. Verify the case, bracelet, clasp, and dial for quality. It could be a fake if the finish appears to be shoddy.

Test the Weight

Precious stones, crystals, gold, silver, heavy metals, and metal alloys are used to construct branded watches. Additionally, they contain a dozen tiny moving parts, which adds weight and durability to a branded watch. This is absent from a typical watch, which is also far less substantial, solid, and long-lasting. An authentic watch will always weigh more than a replica. Therefore, there will always be a significant weight differential between the two.

Review Product Specification

It’s usually a good idea to investigate the watch you want to purchase. This allows you to understand the product specifications of the watch you want thoroughly. As a result, you can readily compare the specifications to distinguish between a designer watch and an imitation before making any purchases. You may avoid wasting money on a fake by looking at pictures and learning more about what the watch looks like. Additionally, it is a good idea to become familiar with the logos, stamps, and trademark designs of the company you plan to purchase from, as this will aid in making the right decision.

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