Broken Swiss Watch With Sentimental Value: Is it Worth Fixing?

02 April 2019

Luxury watches have long been a status symbol and a wise investment. Anyone who has extra money to spare ought to consider buying at least one luxury watch as an investment, or as a personal gift. The thing to consider with high-end watches, especially the ones made by the Swiss, is that they are guaranteed to last a very long time.

Many Swiss timepieces are quality made, elegantly designed, and durable enough to make for excellent heirlooms. Still, accidents and unforeseen circumstances do happen and watches can become damaged and broken. If you have a broken heirloom Swiss timepiece, or a relatively new one that you value greatly, then you may be weighing the decision to have it fixed?

Is a broken Swiss watch with sentimental value worth fixing? The answer is not a definite yes, as it depends on a few factors. Back in the day, sending a Swiss watch out for repairs wasn’t really much of a hassle. However, with the current limitations imposed upon third-party artisans and watchmakers, high-end Swiss watches are often only repairable if they are sent out to the brand factories themselves. If you are contemplating on having a sentimental timepiece fixed, consider the following factors first:

• Age of the timepiece – is your Swiss timepiece relatively new, or is it old? Newer timepieces can be easier to fix, since the parts needed for repairs may still be in circulation or mass-produced. Older timepieces, especially ones which have outdated movements or those that have been discontinued are far more difficult to repair or refurbish.

• The degree of damage – negligible problems like small dents or scratches, or issues with the internal movement, are all prime reasons to get a Swiss watch repaired. Chances are, these minor issues are even covered by the brand’s warranty. Anything beyond minor repairs will without a doubt cost more, so it is something you have to consider.

• Your budget – if you really cherish your Swiss watch and cannot bear to part with it, and you don’t want to replace it with a brand new time piece, then you should prepare and budget for the repair costs. Sometimes, repairs for Swiss watches, especially vintage ones, will cost far more than the original price of your timepiece. However, sentimental watches, especially heirlooms, are the exception because they are priceless.

If you have a much-loved timepiece that needs fixing, bring it to Ken Ross Jewellers. We can appraise its worth, and then give you an estimate on how much it will cost to repair.

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