Bring Back the Luster of Your Wedding Ring: Let Professional Jewellery Cleaners Do the Job

02 July 2019

Even with its high resiliency, your wedding ring can lose its luster with normal daily wear. While there are numerous cleaning methods promoted in the media and online today, you should let professional jewellery cleaners perform the job periodically to receive optimal results. They will understand the best techniques and/or solutions to use for your specific type of ring to return its ideal, lustrous condition safely and effectively.

How Often Should You Have Your Wedding Professionally Cleaned?

It is advisable to take your wedding ring for professional cleaning at least once every six months. With your daily activities, it does not take long for your ring to go from shiny and attractive to dingy and unsightly. An expert-quality cleaning will remove all the residue that is causing your ring to look less than its best.

Professionals Can Detect Any Problems With the Ring During Cleaning

One major reason to have professionals clean your wedding ring is the fact that they can detect any minor issues during the process. This can save you money since repairing minor problems costs far less than when you allow them to turn into major ones.

You Receive Maximum Results from Professional Jewellery Cleaners

Regardless of the texture of your ring, you will receive top-quality results with an expert jewellery cleaning. It will bring out all of the many attributes of your ring in a favourable manner that cannot be duplicated with home methods.

Expert Cleaning Safeguards the Metal and Stones in a Wedding Ring

An additional reason to take your wedding ring for professional cleaning is that it will protect the integrity of the metal and stones if applicable. Certain home-cleaning methods will damage both. Experts avoid any damage by using the appropriate techniques and/or solutions.

You Can Receive Dependable Advice on Caring for Your Wedding Ring

While you are at the jeweller’s to receive a professional cleaning on your ring, you can ask for expert guidance on how to clean your ring at home in between your bi-annual cleaning trips. Jewellery stores typically have a solution for sale for just this purpose that is safe and effective for all wedding rings.

To learn additional facts about why you should bring back the luster to your wedding ring by letting professional jewellery cleaners perform the job for you, consult with Ken Ross Jewellers. We sell fine jewellery from engagement rings to quality watches. Our company will clean your ring in the correct fashion upon request and repair jewellery and watches on-site. Also, if you are in search of a unique, customised piece, we will create one according to your exact specifications and preferences.

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