Bangles and Bracelets: What are the Differences?

31 August 2020

A lot of people love to wear wrist jewelleries, especially if they have associated meaning and significance to their lives. People also tend to wear these jewelleries and complement them with their clothing or outfit whenever they will be going to special occasions and important gatherings. 

Like other types of jewelleries, wrist jewelleries typically have eccentric, beautiful designs and are made from valuable and durable materials. To date, there are two popular wrist jewelleries that are being worn by many people. These wrist jewelleries are bangles and bracelets.

Most people tend to mix up and be confused about the appearance and features of bangles and bracelets. They do not even know when to wear them. So, to avoid getting confused, here are the features of bangles and bracelets that set them apart. 


Bangles have been around for a very long time, which specifically dated way back to 2600 BC. The name of this type of wrist jewellery comes from the Hindi word ‘bangri’ that literally means a ring-shaped armlet. Traditionally, bangles were commonly made from bronze, terracotta, seashells, and copper and are only worn by women in Southeast Asa. Today, this fine piece of wrist jewellery can already be made from gold, silver, platinum, glass, rubber, and plastic.

What is great about bangles is that they are more rigid and more well-defined than bracelets. However, they do not typically have any clasp or opening, making it somehow difficult for some people to fit them on their wrist. Those with large hands but small wrists are not advised to wear full circle style bangles. Those with large wrists, on the other hand, can maximise the elegance of hinged bangles. C-shape bangles are known for their versatility as they can match and complement any wrist size or shape.


Bracelets were first used in 5000 BC in ancient Egypt, which symbolises rebirth and regeneration. One key difference between bracelets and bangles is that the former can accommodate different design options. Bracelets can feature a combination of beads, links, threads, or hinged pieces that can be enclosed by the clasp, which the bangles do not possess.

While bangles must be round most of the time, the form factor of a bracelet is much more flexible due to the presence of a clasp or elastic band. Bracelets would normally look like a chain or strand that can be worn around the wrist and locked by the included locking mechanism. Some even have an adjustable clasp that can easily fit many people, no matter what size their wrists are. 

Bracelets can be made from gold, platinum, silver, beads, or any material possible. They can also be minimal and less noticeable, which would now depend on the preference of the wearer. They can also fit other types of jewellery due to their overall appearance and form factor. Knowing the differences between the bangles and bracelets can help you pick the right jewellery for you. However, you can truly never go wrong with these types of wrist jewelleries.

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