Automatic Watches: Why You Should Get One for Your Watch Collection?

15 December 2020

A watch is a portable and compact timepiece that is designed to be worn by a person everywhere through its watch strap or bracelet. This specific timepiece has been around for centuries now and has seen numerous upgrades due to technology. The conventional form of watches, however, still brings the same impression to a lot of people. As a matter of fact, many still prefer buying conventional watches from a wide variety of brands, just to create and build their own watch collection.

The collection of different watches can be truly fun since people get to mix and match these portable timepieces to their respective clothing outfit. Acquiring watches also allows people to appreciate the long history of these timepieces and the story behind their manufacturers. Watches can be categorised according to their movement. These watch movement categories are manual, quartz, and automatic.

General Overview of Automatic Watches

Watches that have automatic movement are known as automatic watches. This type of watches typically runs and operates through the movement or motion of their wearer. As the wearer moves, it provides energy to the watch for it to wind the mainspring. So, the rotor or metal weight that is located inside the watch will only move or spin once the wearer moves. The dependency of the watch to the movement of the wearer allows it to run and operate even without the need for any batteries.

A lot of components carry out functions just to convert the energy provided by the wearer to the watch. The self-winding mechanisms found on these watches have seen numerous designs and working principles from different manufacturers. Most automatic watches that have a fully wound mainspring can store energy reserve for around two days, allowing them to still run through the night.

Terrific Addition to Any Watch Collection

Getting an automatic watch for your watch collection can be great for you, especially with its features and characteristics. One great benefit of adding one to your collection is that it does not require any battery. As mentioned, automatic watches only rely on the movement of their wearer. You do not have to worry about draining the power of your automatic watch as long as you wear it regularly.

Another great benefit of having an automatic watch is that it can provide time accurately. Automatic watches are known to read plus or minus 25 seconds in respect to the real time, which is already acceptable when it comes to timekeeping. These watches also boast smooth hand movement and grand overall aesthetics, making them somehow luxurious even without costing too much money.

After taking these watches off, their power reserve is known to be commendable. Most automatic watches can have up to 42 hours of power reserve. Others can even have up to 10 days of power reserve.

Acquire Your Automatic Watches Today

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