All about LORUS Watches: History and Quality

19 July 2017

LORUS watches are popular today due to the fact that they are durable, stylish and accurate. No surprise here, though, since this is one of SEIKO’s brands. SEIKO dates back to 1881, and it is one of the most revered brands of watches in the world today along with its other brands of Pulsar and LORUS, but we are here today to discuss the history of LORUS and the quality of its watches.


After SEIKO climbing to success with its original brand of watches and clocks along with its Pulsar brand, the company created the LORUS brand of watches to complement its other products. The mission of creating this brand was to offer the public quality, inexpensive watches. Now, 35 years later, the company has succeeded and has sold over 120 million of the watches worldwide.


One of the signs of the LORUS watches is the fact that their inner workings are high quality to ensure accuracy. These workings will vary between models, but not in their reliability. Durable cases are another benefit of these watches with such materials as brass and stainless steel just for two examples. Also, the cases screw in to ensure effective shock resistance and water resistance. You have a wide assortment of models from which to select whether you are looking for a man’s, a woman’s or a kid’s watch. Faces can have modern rectangular dials or traditional round ones. Colours complement each other in each watch model in an ideal fashion. Bands range from metal mesh to urethane depending upon the overall style of the watch. Crystals of the LORUS watches come in clear glass or clear plastic. The dials range from modern numberless displays to large, Arabic numerals and digital numerals that are readable at a quick glance.


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Ken Ross Jewellers

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