5 Reasons Why Your Grandfather Clock is Worth Keeping and Fixing

08 August 2022

Grandfather clocks usually have sentimental value attached, especially if has been around for 50 years or longer. If kept in good condition, grandfather clocks can retain or appreciate their value over time. If you are still ruminating about whether to keep or fix your grandfather clock, here are the 5 reasons why your grandfather clock is worth keeping and fixing.

Emotional or Sentimental Value

Grandfather clocks often have an attachment to the lives of most people in the past. Thus, for some people, the market value is just secondary. The biggest factor that makes them keep their grandfather clock is the emotional or sentimental value. Your grandfather clock may be a family heirloom that has been passed down to you from multiple generations. For this important reason, it is only right for you to keep your grandfather clock and have it fixed no matter how costly the repair cost can be.

Can Accurately Measure Time

A grandfather clock can accurately measure time, especially for those regularly cleaned and maintained. If you own a grandfather clock that has a long pendulum, it could keep time more accurately than those with short pendulums. While some grandfather clocks are not as accurate as modern digital clocks, your grandfather clock can keep good time each week with only a difference of a few seconds or minutes.

Never Goes Out of Style

Another reason why your grandfather clock is worth keeping and fixing is because of its regal appearance. It never goes out of style and will surely retain its decorative value for many years. Grandfather clocks will remain as a statement piece even if yours were made centuries ago. Even if your grandfather clock is not functioning like it used to, you can still have it as a decorative piece to your home interior. It can be incorporated into modern, rustic, vintage, or contemporary interior design themes.

A Good Investment

Grandfather clocks, also known as “longcase clocks”, by some clock collectors, are still a good investment. Grandfather clocks made centuries ago have craftsmanship that is exceptionally beautiful and thus, extremely valuable. If you happen to own one, you are very lucky. You are even luckier if the grandfather clock that was passed down to you is maintained and restored carefully, which can have a high investment value. Like other antique and vintage pieces, grandfather clocks are priced by condition, appearance, age, and rarity.

Servicing Cost is Cheaper

You might be hesitating about the serviceability cost of your grandfather clock, thinking some delicate parts and components are harder to find nowadays or might not be around anymore. It’s the opposite. Parts and components of old clocks like grandfather clocks can still be purchased. Hence, the cost of repair or servicing is not that costly. Worth noting also is that grandfather clocks do not have the same mechanism as modern clocks and watches. Thus, the lack of electronic parts makes servicing and maintenance easier. However, if you have a very fine old clock, regular servicing is not necessary unless you want to prolong the life of your grandfather clock.

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