5 Outdated Jewellery that is Going Out of Style in 2021

25 June 2021

Most people who have an interest in art and fashion are also attracted to beautiful jewellery. Some consumers buy necklaces, earrings, bracelets or watch designs to wear on special occasions or for certain events. Others plan their daily wardrobes to include at least one item of jewellery. While some people like wearing designer items or family heirlooms, others favour the jewellery trends of the moment.

Just as in clothing styles, jewellery trends can come, go and reappear during another season. Even if some of your favourite styles in fine jewellery or costume designs fade from popularity one year, they are likely to make a grand entrance during another fashionable season. Of course, you can enjoy wearing classic styles in bracelet, necklace and earring ensembles whenever you like. Yet different designs will fade or flourish with each new fashion season.

Five Outdated Jewellery Styles That Are Losing Popularity for 2021

Five outdated styles in jewellery that are going out of style in 2021 include the following:

1. Basic Stud Earrings. Simply designed stud earrings are on the way out in terms of style for 2021. Their neat, minimalist appearance is being replaced by more ornate and unique designs in graceful or bold hanging earrings. Pearls and faux pearls are currently in vogue, and combinations of pearls, gemstones and gold are also gaining momentum in rising popularity.

2. Lucite or Plastic Jewellery. Items made of Lucite or plastic are definitely out of style this year. Although they brought a lighter, brighter touch to jewellery fashions during past seasons, this year’s desires and preferences are focused on heritage designer beauties. Precious and semiprecious stones in delicate yet elaborate settings are now getting major attention.

3. Shell Crafted Necklaces. Attractive necklaces crafted from shells are now less popular than they were in seasons past. A standby for casual summer wardrobes for several seasons, they are now taking a backseat to elegant initial necklaces. These gold or silver braided chain necklaces display stylish letters in pendant fashion. Although they have the look of luxury, these necklaces are suitable for wearing with dress-up outfits or casual wear, as you like.

4. Monochrome Jewellery. Neutral and single colours in jewellery items that were popular through last season are now giving way to mixed colours and materials. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other accessories are now displaying bright vibrant colours in beads, stones and enamelled metals. Floral and leaf patterns are popular in moulded designs and crafted gold and silver. Jungle and ocean life motifs are also popular in current jewellery designs.

5. Bangle Bracelets. Simple bangle bracelets are going out of fashion in 2021. However, if you have a large and colourful supply of these jangling charmers, do not despair. For they are likely to reappear on the fashion scene within a short period. Yet this season’s prominent styles will have a more artistic touch. Current leading styles are uniquely crafted designer fashions featuring eye-catching combinations of gold or silver and brightly coloured beads, stones, gems and crystals.

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