Month: June 2023

Restoring Vintage Luxury Watches: A Guide to Authentic Restoration

Blog | June 21st, 2023

Vintage luxury watches are not only functional timepieces but also an expression of personal style and taste. It has a unique charm and appeal that cannot be replicated in modern watches. However, these timepieces may lose their lustre, functionality, and authenticity over time. Restoring vintage luxury watches is a delicate process that requires expertise and attention to detail. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the steps involved in the authentic restoration of vintage luxury watches. Assessment […]

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Luxury Watch Repair Services: Understanding the Anatomy of a Luxury Watch

Blog | June 2nd, 2023

Gain a deeper understanding of luxury watches with our guide to the anatomy of a timepiece, while exploring the world of luxury watch repair services. Learn about the intricate components that make up these exquisite timepieces, from the movement and complications to the case and strap. Discover the importance of proper maintenance and find trusted luxury watch repair services like Ken Ross Jewellers to ensure your treasured timepiece stays in pristine condition. The Movement The movement is the engine that […]

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