2022 List of Popular Gem Stones

27 May 2022

If you are one of that gemstone aficionados or collectors then let us give you the gemstone trends for 2022 so you will be guided with your gemstone purchases for the year 2022. The gem trend this year includes the theme of love, resilience, and wisdom. Whatever your preference and taste in gemstones, you can surely love one of the 2022 popular gemstones. If you are going to purchase some new gemstones in your collection for 2022, here is a 2022 list of popular gemstones.


Amethyst is one of the popular picks gemstones for 2022. They are known for their spiritual properties and exquisite qualities that go beyond their colour. Gemstone experts and practitioners say that incorporating amethyst into your outfit can improve optimism and foster better sleep. Some also believed that Amethyst has a calming energy that helps reduce sadness, stress, and depression.  The intensity of their royal purple colour is a great way to compare with the 2022’s colour of the year Veri Peri Purple.


Another gem that made it to the 2022 list of popular gemstones is the tanzanite. Their bluish-purple colour makes them rarer than diamonds that some scientists say that tanzanite reserve will decrease within two decades from now. So, before that happens, make sure to include it in your gem collection while you still can. This soft indigo gemstone is also said to be an awesome immune booster and encourages cell regeneration.

Purple Garnet

This gemstone also made it to this year’s popular gemstones. Purple garnet is an extremely rare gem and astrology says this gemstone brings prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. So, if you are aiming for success this year, purple garnet is the ideal stone for you.


Morganite is popular for its warm peach hue which makes them in demand for people who look for a gem with a romantic vibe. If you are on a tight budget this year and diamonds are too expensive for you, morganite is a great alternative, especially for engagement rings.

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