Month: July 2020

White Gold, Rose Gold, and Yellow Gold: The Three Types of Gold

Blog | July 30th, 2020

Numerous civilisations have been incorporating gold as the prime symbol of wealth, goodness, wisdom, and eternity. Different cultures have also used gold items to wholeheartedly acknowledge the achievements of a person, a group, or an institution. Eternal vows and other associated traditions likewise maximise golden rings and other gold accessories as a symbol of commitment and devotion. The lustrous yellow shades of this element have lured people for centuries to find and purchase the best one out there. As for […]

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5 Important Guidelines for Gauging Emeralds

Blog | July 14th, 2020

While the number of people who like ruby, sapphire, and diamond can be huge, there are also other types of people who prefer their gemstones green. One of the most popular gemstones in the world is emerald, as it grandly carries the green colour to any piece of jewellery available out there. Emeralds are preferred by many gemstone enthusiasts out there because of its unmatched lush blueish-green tones. These stones, which are a variety of the beryl mineral family, are […]

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