Month: June 2016

Names and Monograms in Jewellery: Customisation That Brings More Sentiment and Value

Blog | June 27th, 2016

While many wear and give various pieces of jewellery daily, you may wonder if there is a way to make a unique statement with the pieces you select to own or gift. One way to accomplish this wish is to engrave names and monograms in jewellery. You can ask jewellers to perform this engraving on bracelets, charms, pendants, key rings, rings and other items for your personal use or for a special present for someone near and dear to you. […]

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Pearl: The Birthstone for June

Blog | June 15th, 2016

As the birthstone for June, the pearl is the symbol of purity. Pearls are created in a natural manner, but not in the earth unlike other gemstones. Instead, this gem comes from saltwater oysters or freshwater clams. Experts harvest these gems from the various lakes and oceans throughout the world, which are at times, part of farms set up for this purpose. When the light hits on this gem, it glimmers and shows off its unique colouring. In addition, this […]

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