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Swiss Watch Repair Services: Your Trusted Jeweller Since 1954

October 13, 2017

Swiss watches have the reputation for being reliable, accurate timepieces that often contain the best workmanship in the world, especially when they earn the right to carry the mark of ‘Swiss Made’. The watch and jewellery industries understand that watches that carry this mark are manufactured 100 percent in Switzerland. Other types of watches can be Swiss ones since they contain Swiss movements and other parts from Switzerland but not carry the ‘Swiss Made’ mark since they are assembled in other countries. Due to the fact that these watches are such fine timepieces, you need to seek out reputable Swiss watch repair services when your Swiss watch requires repairs. Ken Ross Jewellers has been your trusted jeweller since 1954, and we offer this kind of repair services for Swiss watches here in our shop. We share why we recommend our services over others in the area in the following details.

All Repairs Are Performed in Our Shop

We are a hands-on Swiss watch repair service since we perform all work right here in our store. Our skilled jewellers adeptly analyse each Swiss watch to discover its issues before they start their precision repairs. Also, we understand that you do not want to be without your watch for a lengthy period of time, so we strive to repair it as quickly as possible.

We Install Genuine Parts Whenever Possible

With newer Swiss watches, we install genuine parts when a part needs replacing. In the event that you bring us a vintage model that requires our services, we locate the highest quality part or parts to remedy your watch’s malfunction.

A Guarantee of Service Quality Comes with Each Repair

Ken Ross Jewellers delivers a guarantee of quality parts and workmanship with each repair that we perform for you. We stand behind our services, and if you discover that something is not suitable, all you need to do is bring it to our attention. Our team will address it and solve it to your satisfaction.

Your Watch Keeps It Accuracy and Quality

Through our reputable Swiss watch repair services, your watch will maintain its high level of quality, durability and accuracy. Protect your investment and trust us to repair your watch for you.

Along with our Swiss watch repair services, we manufacture and sell fine jewellery and different brands of quality watches. We also customise pieces of jewellery according to your own preferences, designs and specifications. In addition, we clean your jewellery on-site to return it to its ideal condition upon request. Consult with us on your needs or desires today.

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