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Propose in style this New Year with the perfect ring

perfect ring
December 9, 2014

Have you been burning to ask that question?

Waiting for the right time?

Every woman dreams of that big moment, and surely all men would love to do it flawlessly. Each relationship is different, but they all have one thing in common, the prefect moment! Yes, there are fears of things that could go wrong, but also the hope in what could be.

Once in our lives we take that step, for most of us, it is the biggest moment in life!

Are you planning to have an end of the engagement?

Make it special by doing it right! Have you found the perfect ring yet? How are you planning on popping the question? This is after all one of the most important steps you will ever take!

New Year’s Eve is a special occasion on its own, holding so many promises for the year ahead as well as changes and wonderful challenges. It is also a great time, if not the most perfect time to propose. Give this coming New Year more meaning, making New Year’s Eve a memorable one for sure.

Have you found a ring as unique and special as your only love?

There are a range of gem stones to consider in addition to the styles of rings. Each woman is worth it, as special as each diamond and gem. If you are truly serious and she is your whole world, you need to find something that suits her style, brings out her flair and compliments her aura.

Without the precise ring, your plans and the proposal may turn out to be the opposite of what you had in mind.

She deserves the ring of her dreams, the proposal and attention she has longed for since she was a little girl. Are you looking for something traditional, but not plain? Maybe she would prefer something more modern mixed with an array of classic. Whichever setting or style you are seeking, can be found! Try a vintage look or something futuristic.

Some of the gem stones found today, look like they could be from another planet, but maybe she would prefer a diamond, do you really know? The range of precious metals and gems to choose from are so stunning, the options are limitless.

As the bells start counting off the minutes get ready, then when the final big dong sounds for the start of a New Year, the time is impeccable, get down on one knee allowing your words flow, giving hope, inspiration and love, with promises of an exciting future. Find the idea venue ahead of time, just make sure you get her there on time. Are you either party monsters or the quiet romantic types?

With a ring that is as breathtaking as she is, the perfect venue and love, why could it not be perfect?

The giving as well as the receiving of an engagement ring, is a tradition that is a time honored process. Finding the perfect ring is vital. It is more than a mere symbol, it is a life changing event, a mutual feeling of love, care and respect.

Do it right with aid from KenRoss Jewellers. Find a ring that says it all today!

Ken Ross Jewellers

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