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Cubic Zirconia: A Good Choice for Your Engagement Ring

Cubic Zirconia
December 7, 2016

Even though diamonds have been the precious gemstone of choice for engagement rings over the years, the cubic zirconia or CZ stones are gaining in popularity today as a viable, affordable replacement for diamonds. The process for creating CZs in the lab did not always turn out favourable results in the early days of their existence, but nowadays, the process turns out high quality results that are difficult to tell from diamonds. Let us explore why a CZ is the right choice for your engagement ring.

Quality CZs Are as Brilliant and Fiery as Diamonds

Today, it is difficult to tell the difference between quality CZs and diamonds since their brilliance and fire are equal at least, with the naked eye. For this reason, people will think you are wearing a diamond ring and only you will know that it is a CZ. Also, it is easier to purchase flawless CZs than it is with diamonds since the characteristics are set at the manufacturing facility.

CZs Come in a Variety of Colours

Not everyone wants a clear stone in their engagement ring today. Luckily, manufacturers produce a vast array of colourful CZs, such as:

  • Clear such as the ones that look diamond-like in appearance
  • Yellows
  • Blues
  • Greens
  • Pinks
  • Reds
  • Black

Choose From a Wide Assortment of Setting Options

In the same manner as diamond engagement rings, the CZ ones come in a wide assortment of setting options. You can select a solitaire or a multiple-stone design. Jewellers also will combine cubic zirconia stones with other stones upon request. Along with the various choices of settings, CZs come in an assortment of cuts that are similar to other gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

The Affordable Choice for Engagement Rings

CZs are the affordable choice to make for engagement rings in comparison to the thousands of dollars that quality diamonds cost in similar settings. For a fraction of the price, you can symbolise your upcoming nuptials with the brilliance and the fire of whatever colour of CZ that you prefer.

A Safer Investment

Since cubic zirconia cost less than a diamond does, if you ever sell your engagement reason, you will find that you receive a higher return on your investment than with a diamond one. Just another reason why CZ is a good choice for your engagement ring.

For further details about the cubic zirconia stones, consult with our company, Ken Ross Jewellers. You will receive high-quality jewellery pieces with every purchase you make from us.

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