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Amethyst and Its Purple Beauty: Your February Birthstone

February 6, 2017

Amethyst, as part of the quartz family, is easy to spot in its various shades of purple that range from light to dark. Its regal appearance makes it ideal for your February birthstone since the light bounces off the various facets of the gem in delightful ways. Whether this stone is set in yellow or white gold, sterling silver, platinum or other metals, its characteristics and qualities shine through in an eye-catching manner. Stay with us to learn additional facts about this unique gemstone.

Various Shades of Amethyst Stones

While you may be familiar with the deeper shades of amethyst, this stone's colour can range from a light violet with pinkish tones to a dark, rich purple with shades or red or blue depending upon the type of light that hits upon it. In its raw form, amethyst can contain layers of shades and it is up to the experts to understand how to cut each stone to bring out the best in its colouring and other qualities.

A Brief History

The amethyst gemstone has been worn since ancient times for various reasons that range from protection to practicing one's religion. In the Middle Ages, this gemstone was a sign of royalty. Remnants of amethyst jewellery date back to 2000 BC.

Beliefs About Amethyst Gemstones

Over the years, the following beliefs have been linked with Amethyst gemstones:

  • Protection from intoxication
  • Symbol of royalty
  • Religious symbol for the divinity of Christ
  • Aids intelligence
  • Offers the wearers peace, courage, strength and stability

Where Amethyst Ranks on the Mohs Scale

An amethyst gemstone ranks seven on the Mohs hardness scale. Being this high up on this scale that ranges from one as the softest to ten as the hardest, this gemstone is quite resistant to scratching.

How to Select an Amethyst

When you go to purchase amethyst jewellery, you need to understand how to ensure that you receive a quality stone for your investment. Examine the colour of the stone first to learn whether or not it is even with no striping. Striping is a sign that the stone does not contain the ideal cut to enhance its natural beauty. In addition, avoid stones with rust or brownish tints as these shades point to impurities in the stone. You should also check the clarity of the amethyst to avoid stones with major inclusions.

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